We have added a link to a poignant interview with Geoff Barsby and filmed scenes of the 1953 floods. An intrinsic part of Canvey Island history, an event that should never be forgotten. The power of nature is ever present. View this by viewing our “the threat” web page.    
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The purpose of the campaign is to stop the last area of natural Green Belt Canvey Island land, inside the perimeter Roadway, being swallowed up by Developers. Castle Point Council claim they were under pressure by the Government's East of England Authority to build on the Green Belt on Canvey Island. This Agency has now been revoked. However, the land behind the Dutch Village Estate is owned by Developers, Persimmon. Whilst the New Local Plan is produced to take the place of the £500,000 “unsound” Core Strategy Persimmon and other developers hope to take advantage and have their plans adopted.

Whilst battling against the previous Core Strategy it became apparent that Canvey Island was again getting a raw deal. Local problems came to light that we felt should be made known to the Planning Inspector appointed to examine the Core Strategy. These issues revolved around the Hazardous Industries, the Flood Risk to Canvey and the poor access routes.

We held a Referendum across the Island and the resounding response gave us a mandate to defend the island’s Green Belt as best we saw fit. Full Referendum result details can be seen on the News Page.

If the Council had so wished it would have been little problem to have used the Green Belt and Flood Risk issue to reject applications on Canvey Island. Instead Canvey was their preferred development area so as to protect Mainland sites. Luckily the Planning Inspector proved willing to listen to local residents.

We will continue to monitor the intentions of a New Local Plan and where we feel it is not to Canvey’s benefit will make representations to strongly oppose. We have researched long and hard and have confidence that evidence is available to present to the Inspectorate to prevent unfair development. The initial consultation, that invited residents and businesses to comment has passed and documents in support and a new Local Plan is being produced. We await its publication and will make comment upon as we see fit.

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This is all about finding out what we are made of. We can lay down and roll over or we can make the Island aware. The councillors may not listen, but the Inspectorate, Environment Agency and Natural England will. Remember Councillors are there to represent us. Tell somebody else about this website, get them to add their support and receive updates.

Cheryl Redwin, Debbie Walker, Marian and Bill Perkins and Kerri Thipthorp.

Ex Mayor Dennis Williams. George Whatley, Steve Sawkins.

Graham Bracci.


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