of leaving the greenbelt un-developed.

The count of the ballot slips collected during the extended fortnight of the Canvey Greenbelt Campaign Referendum was held on Wednesday evening of the 27th May appropriately at the Heritage Centre Hall, Canvey Road. The result of the efforts of the 30, single and two person, teams was approximately 50 large sealed sweet jars containing the votes of Canvey Islanders stacked on a table waiting to be opened and the votes counted. Adjudicating were cllr.R.Howard, cllr.D.Blackwell, ex Mayor D. Williams and George Whatley. Observers included Rebecca Harris, Campaign committee members, volunteer collectors and residents. The count began at 7.30pm sharp and was completed by 9.00 pm.

To the question “Should there be any further development on Canvey Island greenbelt land?”

There were 6,534 returned voting slips. Of which:-

Spoiled votes 41

Yes votes 56

No votes 6,437

of leaving the greenbelt un developed.

This disproves the Council’s Core Strategy claim that the residents “implicitly agree with the plan” to build on greenbelt for what it is, a fabrication ! It puts the other suggested plans in doubt, especially following the HSE call to halt the Roscommon Way extension across Canvey Wick. We will be calling on the Council to either send the LDF document back to the Planning Officers or to scrap it completely as the Officers are out of touch with the Residents wishes.

We thank all volunteer collectors, residents who voted, and we apologise to those we failed to reach.

Canvey people have spoken now we look to be represented.



The Core Strategy Review is published and can be viewed on the Castle Point web site, HERE.

If you open the Residents and Businesses Consultation Analysis Report you will find that out of“40,000” brochures and questionnaires posted out, just 2,450 or 6% completed reviews were returned.

The “consultants” have spun this around (on page no.3) to mean that this “indicated implicit approval of the plans”

So to the question on whether the “Council should only meet Housing and Employment needs in the Greenbelt as a last resort,” 73% responded with agreement. Lets assume that means, 73% want the Greenbelt protected.
Due to the small response, this now reads the vast majority want it to be built on!

Lets hope the Canvey Greenbelt Referendum question, “Should there be any further development on Canvey Greenbelt land,” YES or NO, gives a clearer answer when the results are announced.

No 3rd Road
Just more congestion ahead

With such an important document as the Core Strategy defining the future of Canvey Island, we are staggered that yet again the 3rd Road is not addressed. What an opportunity wasted. The Council Planners seem to fumble around treating Canvey Island as the "Poor Man" of the Borough. The Island's infrastructure was bust years ago. The congestion is never addressed. Commuters join the queue on the A13 at Pitsea Flyover, 6 miles from Canvey, knowing this is the norm.

If they are unlucky it's as far back as the Five Bells interchange ! The Council and the Thames Gateway think that by improving Saddlers Farm junction they will cure the problem. This is not for commuters this is for heavy goods vehicles heading for the new Thames crossing (outer M.25). It will just get us to the queues home quicker. Getting in and around Canvey is the problem. So what does the Core Strategy suggest ? 1,500 more "housing units" Imagine that ! 1,500 housing units equates to approx 6,750 vehicle movements per day. You work out the parking problems yourself, it's beyond me. Vision is what is needed for Canvey. Vision is what is sadly lacking.

Referrendum Day
25 April 2009

Early rising volunteers on the first Saturday of the Referendum queue to collect their voting slips and collecting jars before setting out around the Island. Lets hope we get a bigger better response than the Castle Point Borough received for their Core Strategy review. Well done to everyone, keep up the good work !

Public Meeting
22 April 2009

We held an interesting, well attended, Public Meeting on Wednesday 22nd April at Northwick Park School Canvey. Speakers included cll. Dave Blackwell (greenbelt and wildlife), Steve Sawkins (public safety) and Simon Hart (greenbelt defence).
It was dissapointing that the Planning Office were not in attendance to give their views. It was also dissapointing that no Councillors from "the mainland" felt it necessary to speak.

Points raised included:-
1. The possible danger from Calor Gas site, it's aged tanks and recent spillage.
This is something which a party including Steve Sawkins and Ray Howard are meeting Lord Hanningfield to bring to his attention. In the event of a disaster the Planning Officers would be deemed responsible for the increase in lives lost due to the rise in population from the development of these housing units.

2. The fact that Canvey is designated a Flood plain by the Environment Agency.
The surface water drainage problems.

3. Congestion approaching, and on Canvey Island, coincidently the rush hour returned to near normal last night after the Easter break. Commuting, the standing room only service to London and back.

4. The destroying of one "critical to the plan" field, to use as an access road.
Which over the last 32 years has grown into the largest hedgerow field on Canvey. Attracting and supporting a wider variety of birdlife than ever known in my time on the Island.

I said that I accepted that the Echo Newspaper had seen evidence of the Core Strategy brochure mailing dockets. I had queried this with no reply weeks ago. The audience ridiculed the evidence as many had not received a copy. I would still like to know, as part of my question to the council, if any research was conducted to test the amount of recipients / deliveries of the brochure and questionaire.

The Castle Point document entitled "Optimising Land Use" which leads me to believe there will be at the very least 640 units built as opposed to the 400 announced. In fact a developer in attendance said the final plans would need to be nearer 1000 units to satisfy the Castle Point document requirements. He also educated us, as to the costing of developing in flood risk areas, the ground floors being garage / utility space only, rather than living areas. Making the 35% affordable housing requirement impossible to achieve in a 400 unit development.

The feeling from the meeting was of Canvey Island becoming more and more cast
aside by the Borough in general.

The fight goes on my friends !

Fund Raising
25 March 2009

Fund raising is a thankless task please give Jan Eagle and her team all the help you can, every little will help.

Canvey Island Green Belt Protection Message from the Chairman
18 March 2009



The anger I felt, when I learnt what the Planners were intending for "our fields", had subsided to doubt, as I sat with my wife Linda and Rosemary Deboise, Guardian of the Heritage Centre, 15 minutes prior to our Community Meeting. George Whately was first to arrive. I joked "we might be talking to ourselves". He said "no, you wait, Canvey Road is full of people". By five minutes to eight the Hall was full. When I looked up to welcome everyone, people were even standing in the Lobby. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who managed to attend.

It wasn't the hardest speech I have made. When you know something is wrong, something near to your heart is threatened, you need to fight. I hope I conveyed my feelings. The response from all who attended was fantastic. Dennis Williams gave wise words and encouragement, George Whatley rallied the troops, Roy Hutson broke the ice by going next and so on, too many to mention. A committee was formed, helpers volunteered and £166 was raised towards a Fighting Fund !!!

From this Meeting we must spread the word, all of Canvey must be enlisted. We are protecting probably the last patch of "natural land" within the Canvey Road, Somnes Avenue, Thorney Bay Road perimeter. The potential congestion with 1,500 new houses built on Canvey will be unbearable. It will affect the whole Island. I promise to find every scrap of evidence to protect and prevent this.

No more should this be the Council's vague "east of Canvey Road" development.

This is the "Land abutting the Dutch Village Estate".

A Newsletter and website will be worked on to keep everyone updated on our progress. Watch out the Eagle has landed. Jan Eagle is fund raising. Already a raffle and possible lottery game are planned. We need to produce our own banners and posters for the maximum publicity. Please speak to your friends and neighbours, people outside of the Estate. We need an army behind us. We are faced with a huge National Developer and this plan is the Developers easy option.

Co-incidently on the same night of our Meeting at the Heritage Centre our Petition was presented, in a debate, to Parliament by M.P. Dr Bob Spink. The Echo have taken up the story, now who is going to start getting letters published ? The next time we get together let's make sure we struggle to find a Hall big enough to accommodate everybody.

Let's not roll over and give up.
Let's show what Canvey Islanders are made of.
Fight with Pride.
This is our Island.

Yours Always,
Graham Bracci

18 March 2009


The purpose of the campaign is to stop the last area of natural Green Belt Canvey Island land, inside the perimeter Roadway, being swallowed up by Developers. Castle Point Council claim they are under pressure by the Government's East of England Authority to build on the Green Belt on Canvey Island. This is absolute rubbish. This is the easy option. The land behind the Dutch Village is owned by Developers whereas the ample Brownfield sites are not. Brownfield site owners apparently do not want to sell. They probably didn't when they were asked but I bet they would now. Even the banks are on their knees. Castle Point Council Planners should get a bit business wise. Times have changed, re negotiate. Stop putting Money ahead of Canvey peoples interests.

Core Strategy Brochure.
The wonderful colour brochure, supposedly sent to every home in the Borough. Well my team, and I, canvassed the 120 homes on the Dutch Village Estate and there was many complaints of people who didn't receive theirs. OK there will be some that binned them without realising what was inside, but not all. I will be asking if the Council have conducted a telephone poll of the area to find out how many homes did or didn't receive them. Is this deception?. Without the diagram of the plan to show how the Dutch Village Estate Green Belt land is going to be concreted over, we were told of "the land to the east of Canvey Road".


Now we know what you are upto. So let's be fair, abandon the Core Strategy with it's ambiguous questions. Let's hold a Referendum. One question, two options for the answer. None of their, do you agree? Do you agree a little bit? Do you agree a teensy bit? Style of questions which the Planners can manipulate to get the 64,000 dollar answer they would like.


This is all about finding out what we are made of. We can lay back and roll over or we can tell the Island. The councillors will listen and then the Planners will have to.

Remember they are supposed to be representing and working for us. Tell somebody else about this website, get them to add their support.

Click on contact above to add messages of support.



Ex Mayor Dennis Williams. George Whatley.

Graham Bracci.